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One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

    One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

    Today in this recipe, I’ll show you how to prepare One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes or you can say that you will know the great recipe to make One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, today. So, without wasting time let’s start:

    Time To Make It

    The approximate time to make the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes is shown in table which is given below:

    Prep TimeCook TimeInactive TimeTotal TimeServings
    20 minutes16 minutes15 minutes51 minutes16 cupcakes

    Ingredients To Make One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

    To make the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, the ingredients which are required to make this recipe are the following which are shown below:

    For the Cupcakes:

    • I like to use just boiling water or coffee here. 1/2 cup VERY hot coffee OR hot water
    • One tsp vanilla
    • Half a cup of chocolate chips, semi-sweet
    • Add 2 tablespoons to 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour (not packaged).
    • One giant egg yolk and two large eggs, room temperature
    • A smidgeon of baking powder
    • 1 cup of sugar, granulated
    • 1/2 cup of cocoa powder without sugar
    • One stick unsalted butter, room temperature, sliced into tiny cubes
    • Half a teaspoon of salt
    • Half a cup of sour cream with fat
    • One-half tsp baking soda
    • Two teaspoons of canola OR coconut oil

    For the Fudgy Buttercream:

    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • Unsalted butter stick (1)
    • Half a teaspoon of vanilla
    • 3/4 cup chocolate powder, unsweetened
    • Three cups of powdered sugar
    • Two tsp of sour cream
    • Three tablespoons of half-and-half (found in most shops in the dairy section)

    Instructions To Make One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

    To make the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, these are some very important instructions that you have to follow while making it. So by following these ones you will be able to make the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes and the instructions are the following which are shown below:  

    For the Cupcakes:

    1. Warm the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cupcake liners should be lined in a 12-cup cupcake or muffin tray. Lightly mist the liners with non-stick spray (optional, although it does make them easier to remove).
    2. Combine the softened butter and chocolate cubes with the hot liquid (coffee or water) in a large bowl, whisking quickly until well blended.Before proceeding to the following stage, the butter and chocolate must be fully melted into the liquid.
    3. One by one, whisk in the eggs and yolk, followed by the sugar and vanilla.
    4. You are essentially sifting the dry ingredients into the bowl containing the wet ingredients by placing a fine-mesh strainer over the wet ingredients and adding the flour, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder, and salt to it. Stir everything together and let it fall into the wet mixture. Using a rubber spatula, stir until everything is *just mixed.
    5. Stir until well blended after adding the oil and sour cream to the batter.
    6. Fill each cup of the 12 liners in the prepared pan 3/4 of the way with batter. When a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, bake for 16 to 18 minutes. Allow to cool *fully* before icing.

    For the Fudgy Buttercream:

    1. To guarantee a lump-free mixture, thoroughly whisk the cocoa powder and confectioners sugar before sifting them together.
    2. Creamy butter may be achieved in about two minutes by using a stand mixer or a handheld mixer with a paddle attachment.
    3. Turn the speed down to low and gradually add the sifted sugar/cocoa powder. Next, add the vanilla and salt, and alternately add the sour cream and half-and-half. After adding all of the ingredients, beat for at least a minute on high speed, or until the mixture is light and creamy.
    4. Once the cupcakes have cooled, frost them and, if you’d like, decorate them.
    5. Cupcakes can be stored for up to four days at room temperature in an airtight container.

    Conclusion (One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes)

    So, this is all about “One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes” from our side. And we hope that you understand and like the Recipe. Please share your ideas and recommendations in the comments section below!

    Thank you for your precious time!

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