Eating Salt When You Have High Blood Pressure. It is safe?

Salt is a common ingredient in processed meals. Aim to consume largely fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat. Steer clear of pickles, ham,

bacon, salsa, cheese, cold cuts, olives, broths, canned goods, and processed foods. Food labels should be checked for salt levels, and

you should avoid consuming anything that has more than 100 mg per serving. Each day, you require around 500 milligrams of salt. 

About ten times that amount is consumed everyday by most people. A person with high blood pressure should consume no more than

1500 mg of salt each day. In processed meals, salt is an ingredient. Processed foods account for about 80% of the average person's daily

salt consumption. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet may be achieved by eating mostly natural foods and using less table salt.

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