What to Feed a Cat to Help Them Gain Weight

Finding a meal that your cat loves eating but doesn't disturb their stomach is the most crucial initial step. To ensure that they will want

to consume the meal, you want to make sure it both satisfies their dietary needs and is really tasty. A cat may have a strong preference

for a certain food type (dry or canned), flavor, or even texture. The same holds true if one or more of these things repulse a cat. Felines 

are required carnivores. This implies that animal products are the only source of vital nutrients that cats may consume to be 

healthy. On a dry matter basis, cats' natural prey, such as tiny rodents, is thought to comprise around 55% protein, 45% fat, and 

1%–2% carbohydrates. Most cats may use up to 40% of their meal in the form of carbs as an excellent source 

of energy, even while prey only contains 1-2% of carbohydrates in its macronutrient composition.

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